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Our Vision

Whatever you need it for, we are here to help.
Everyone needs Global Merit Investment

Our Vision Is To Be The “Go To” Loan Company Locally

We use our approachable, friendly, culture and way of doing things to be all that we can be as a loan company. For us, it is about supporting our existing customers and getting to know our new customers. We simply listen and help where we can.

That’s how we will make sure that our future builds upon our past experiences and that we continue on the path that has led to Global Merit Investment’s already very proud history, and continue to be the “Friendly Face of Lending in Canada” – your number 1 “go-to” loan company.

We exist for as many people as we possibly can. No matter who they are, what they do, where they are from or where they’re going, we get out of bed in the morning to help our customers – from the moment they first think of us to the moment they apply for a loan or as they repay it over time.

We believe a great loan experience is so much more than just filling in an application, taking down details and quoting. It’s a friendly smile, having someone who listens, offers a genuine service and that little something extra: it’s the total experience we create for our customers.