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About Us

Global Merit Investment - In today's world, we push the limits of traditional investing and offer only the best, customized solutions to our investors.

The Company was established in 2016. It offers a broad range of financing services primarily to asset owners, financial sponsors and corporates in a transitory state covering direct non-bank lending, mezzanine/ subordinated debt and special situations requiring capital through structured debt, convertibles, etc.. The Company is headquartered in Canada and provides financial leverage to commercial entities operating in the manufacturing, trading, contracting, banking,Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Health, Aviation, Tourism, Retail, Real Estate, Construction, IT & Communications, Technology, Education, Energy, Engineering, Utilities, Telecoms, Mining, Maritime and host of other profitable ventures.

Global Merit Investment is a Canadian based, globally oriented long-short fund. We believe that long-short “value” investing provides compelling risk adjusted returns. We aim to take advantage of the resource heavy Canadian stock markets to benefit from global growth, to take advantage of inefficient and less competitive environments and to increase the “hard asset” weighting of your portfolio. In the Canadian Hedge Fund market, there are few established leaders despite many choices.


Global Merit Investment is a regulated Investment and Finance Company and is owned by its current Board of Directors. Global Merit Investment is a leading independent investment and financing firm serving institutional clients, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Our core investment strategy is an all-weather strategy designed to compound our client’s wealth over the long term. Global Merit Investment believes that owning high-quality businesses are the best investments to own. These businesses give us the highest probability of producing a consistent rate of return over time with the least amount of risk, regardless of the market environment. Our high-quality investment approach is agnostic to the highly concentrated stock market indices and is accompanied by a robust risk management process.

We achieve our results by owning select companies across diversified sectors in the economy that earn good returns on invested capital, which is the ultimate source of consistent profits. These profits that our investments generate are either reinvested within their business, driving future profits, or they are distributed to us shareholders as income. We aim to purchase our investments by paying what we determine to be a sensible price for each business. Our investment approach also includes a tail hedging strategy that offers enhanced downside protection. This allows clients to remain invested comfortably throughout an entire market cycle.

Not every investor has the same goal.

At Global Merit Investment, we have one philosophy and strategy for managing clients portfolios that can be customized to accomplish different objectives for the investor. Customization occurs based upon clients individual tax, income and personal values, allowing for flexibility in the portfolio construction process.

Tailored Asset Allocation

Every client has their own unique asset allocation and risk parameters that may include investing in bonds when appropriate. The portfolio management team will assess the client’s needs and make suitable recommendations for certain allocations within the portfolio.

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Satisfied Clients

In today's world, we push the limits of traditional investing and offer only the best, customized solutions to our investors.

Skills That Make a Meaningful Difference for Your Business

In order to minimize risk and maximize profits, we use diversified strategies
and approach.


Global Merit Investment seeks to provide enhanced returns and capital preservation over the long term. Our values reflect our strong partnership culture, commitment to exceptional performance, and uncompromising integrity.

Trust and transparency are critical components of our client relationships, which is why they are at the core of our business philosophy. We cultivate relationships with investors and partners based on openness and mutual respect.
We take pride in our commitment to our clients and we generally operate on the basis of profit sharing. Our success is dependent upon our investors’ success.